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Working from home? Here’s how to look better on Kubo Meet.
Last Updated 3 years ago

  • 1-1Make sure the camera is directly in front of you, and position your web camera to be at or slightly above your eye line. Place your laptop on a stack of books or a small box to raise the height if needed. Don’t look down at your phone or have the web camera below your face/shooting up, because it’s unflattering. Try to angle the camera so you are in the center of the screen.
  • 2- Avoid stark overhead lighting right above your head. It creates unflattering shadows. Instead, place a desk lamp or a lamp with a shade just above and behind your webcam so it shines down on your face from the front at an angle, in a diffused way. Turn off any harsh fluorescent lighting and close blinds if they are to your side or behind you. If you don’t have a light, you can fake one by pulling up a blank document and having the white screen reflect on your face.
  • 3- Don’t sit with your back to a window or other bright light source. It creates a backlight – your face will be in the shadows and difficult to see, and the background will be too bright.
  • 4- Find a spot with lots of natural light if possible, or choose a room with good overall lighting. It’s ok to face the window – just don’t have it behind you. Put your phone in selfie mode or turn on your webcam, and move your laptop around a bit. You’ll see that moving around in the same room can change the lighting dramatically.
  • 5- Don’t sit too close to a webcam. It’s a wide-angle lens, and it will exaggerate things that are close to it, for example, your nose and your chin.
  • 6- It can be tough – but don’t look at yourself or the other person on the computer screen. Instead, look directly into the camera. It gives the appearance of eye contact.
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